Armed with her tell-tale honeyed vocals and saccharine dreams, Josie Man returns with a slinky pop release that plays testament to the all-encompassing forces of love and tenderness.

Following on from the rapturous response to her debut single ‘Colours’ at the tail end of last year, Josie Man presents her very first offering of 2020: melodic alt-pop bop ‘Baby Pink & Blue,’ in tandem with a spellbinding video, directed by fellow Asian diaspora creator, Tash Tung.


Hailing from a place somewhere between Orpington and Hong Kong, Man spins poignant lullabies, attesting to the power of love and kindness to allow us to better understand and decipher the intricacies and complexities of the world that we live in. Speaking on the track, Man asserts how ““Baby Pink & Blue” is so special to me. We wrote it in a little treehouse in the countryside. The song’s about wanting the best of both worlds by having a balance of feeling whole when independent, but also being happy within a relationship. It’s about the juxtaposition of feeling free in a relationship and also, feeling complete when you’re alone and without your other half. It’s about loving being in love, but having self-love that’s so strong that you love being alone, too.”


Crooning her candied melodies throughout, Man effortlessly hypnotises and hooks us with her poesies of amour, as we’re left hanging onto every nectar coated word. In this vein, she indicates the strength in embracing your whole self in order to allow yourself to truly love someone else.


As fiercely independent as she is unabashedly feminine, the track comes hand in hand with an extravagant, nostalgia-tinged video dripping with sauce, further illustrating the creative tour de force that informs her creative vision.


Plunge into the enchanting world of Josie Man in the video below.


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