In celebration of her recent EP release, Josie Man chooses ten of her songs for self love and acceptance, from Stormzy to Avril Lavigne.

"Good For Me" by ROSIE

"ROSIE'S voice is both heartbreaking and comforting. Her melodies always go to the right places. I found her on TikTok and wow, I’m so glad."

"Parking Lots" by Sofia Valdés

"I absolutely adore Sofia's songwriting. It's so imaginative and her voice is perfect. I love the rhythm in the verses."

"White Ferrari" by Frank Ocean

"This song is so soothing for my brain. I just love his voice and how what he sings about doesn’t always make sense; but it just works, its like how did you come up with that? He’s a genius."

"Hide & Seek" by Stormzy

"Stormzy’s voice screams sexy! He's got such an unreal tone and I love the sound of the piano - it's similar to "Blinded by Your Grace”, which is another favourite of mine."

"Is it you" by Cassie

"Cassie is one of my number one inspirations. I love her melodies and this is such a feel good song to sing along to! It reminds me of when I'd go on holiday with my family and miss my friends."

"Te Amo" by Rihanna

"This is just the best song ever. The melodies are so good! And the middle 8 is genuinely perfect."

"The Dress" by Dijon

"Dijon really reminds me of Frank Ocean. I love how the drums and vocals come straight in and his voice is really stunning."

"Stuck with Each Other" by Shontelle

"In my opinion this era was the best for melodies and melodies are my favourite part of a song. When I re-found this song, a big part of my memory unlocked and so many memories came flooding back and I’m grateful for that."

"Hot" by Avril Lavigne

"I wish this was my song. It's so 2007! I used to go to America every summer with my family and this would be playing on the AUX."

"Come Thru" by Drake

"If you find yourself in a car with an AUX you need to play this loud! I love this Drake album. It’s so good to sing along to. This song never gets old to me."

Stream Josie's new EP, 'me at 23' , below:


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