Meteoric pop-powerhouse iamnotshane flies in with his latest dreamy pop anthem 'Back To You' featuring pulsating beats and infectious vocals.

LA-based pop maverick iamnotshane is galloping into his own lane of pop music with the release of his latest prolific track ‘Back To You’ featuring a visual world that grabs you into the screen.


A story some of us are all too familiar with, iamnotshane tackles the dreaded circumstance when you find yourself stuck in a relationship that is actually holding up a mirror to your own insecurities, doubts and anxieties rather than your partner’s downfalls. When the veil is lifted, you’re left wondering if it’s too late to go back to the beginning.


2019 marked the year that iamnotshane revealed ‘Afterlife’, his debut on the exciting LA-based label Avant Garden, home to other bubbling talents such as Emotional Oranges. Soon after, iamnotshane quickly began following his trajectory into a shimmering unknown. What’s so exciting about iamnotshane is the home he is creating for himself within the alt-pop world that is free of any name yet, and therefore without shackles. Armed with his own idiosyncratic vocal abilities, sharp humour, infectious production and get-off-your-ass dance moves has resulted in a cult-like following behind iamnotshane.


As the year comes to an end, what better way to wrap things up with iamnotshane’s premiere of ‘Back To You’ as we prepare for iamnotshane 2020.