Psychedelic songstress Agnes Azria returns with her fiery new single “Bait”, ft. GOLDSPACE.

Known for tackling beauty tropes, gendered double standards, sexuality and mental health in her music, Los Angeles-based artist Agnes Azria is back with a punchy hit to the music industry itself. The daughter of two high-end fashion designers, Azria has collaborated with producers including KOZ and Marcel Scott.


Now, she is back with a joint effort from GOLDSPACE (the unapologetically multi-genre duo.) Matching twangy, summery synths with sweet vocals, “Bait” is a sassy comment on the betrayal that goes on behind the closed doors of the music industry.


Azria explains “my latest single, ‘Bait’, is about recognizing your worth as an artist. From a music industry standpoint, there is the old ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ rapped adage that “record company people are shady.” Maia (from Goldspace) and I wrote about our experiences navigating through the industry and sometimes feeling discredited for our creative input or ideas.”


“While navigating who to trust, some people can display harsh tendencies and feel like a “monster,” hence the chorus. In all, I’m suggesting that it might be hard to know someone’s true intentions, but more experience will inevitably provide us with a better gut feeling to avoid becoming someone’s bait.”


Having honed her characteristic hazy, chic style ahead of her upcoming EP, “KEEP IT SIMPLE”, Agnes Azria will surely become a key player in the alternative pop-rock landscape.

Listen to "BAIT" Ft. GOLDSPACE below:

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