Groove your way into summer days with Agnes Azria's latest feel-good track "Next To Me".

Written on top of a pile of laundry, “Next to Me” is the down to earth, feel-good track of the summer from 21-year-old singer-songwriter Agnes and KOZ. A self-made success, Agnes produces most of her music and performs solo by looping multiple instruments during her live acts. Now she is bringing this enterprising approach to the recording of her music as well.


The single “Next to Me” is the product of an exciting new partnership with aspiring LA producer and guitarist KOZ. The two artists recorded the track in KOZ’s college dorm during the quiet hours of the day with home drum recording and crafty recording methods, mixing rich layers of striking guitar melodies with downbeat synths and smooth harmonies. Much like Agnes’ first single “Beauty Myth”, the new track de-glamorises overdone tropes of beauty and love in pop music with a vulnerable meditation on insecurity in relationships and the beauty of supportive networks.


The lyrics feel like a diary entry or thoughts whispered in your ear by a lover late at night – intimate, emotive and endlessly comforting to listen to. “Next to Me” is a taste of Agnes’ upcoming EP due in August, so sip this cup of cathartic so-cal with our exclusive release below.

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