Brooklyn-based alt hip-hop and R&B star SaintAhmad reveals his latest single “BEAST” alongside haunting avant-garde visuals.

Tokyo-born, Brooklyn-based SaintAhmad has made a name for creating soulful R&B laced with throwback hip-hop aesthetics. With a knack for commanding the spotlight, SaintAhmad is a natural performer who oozes charisma, developing a love of music at church when he was young. As an openly gay artist, confidence and empowerment are at the core of what he does and SaintAhmad can do it all. Singer, dancer, rapper and songwriter are just a few of the feathers he wears in his cap.


His latest single “BEAST” is about ‘rising above any situation that you feel has withheld you from reaching your truest potential. I’ve always called myself a beast because of my determination, drive and dedication to this artist life. Now, I get to share what I’ve been through that’s made me into the beast that I am today.’


Accompanying the track is a mesmerizingly dark music video infused with sinister symbolism, tribal choreography, and an eye-popping wardrobe. It’s fair to say SaintAhmad is following in the footsteps of his inspirations Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean with his avant-garde approach and unique sound.

Watch the electric music video below:


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