Avant-garde, multi-disciplinary artist COBRAH takes us behind the scenes of her enthralling Heaven show.

Getting my makeup done for the show! It’s my number 1 ritual and such a big part of being COBRAH.
Soundchecking in my puffer cause you gotta keep that body warm when singing, especially in the winter. A good sound is key to a good show!
I’m in my puffer again because I got it on the day and It’s my first puffer - I’m a leather queen - and it looks really hot.
Getting some Thai food before the show. I've gotta make sure we’re ready for a 60 minute workout.
Here’s my cute outfit. I love the laced chain into the corset.
I've gotta rep the merch while doing press and holding tiny microphones.
My one and only DJ LATEX, who's also the alien in the 'SUCK' video.
I'm on stage, shaking my booty and striking poses. Bam bam bam!
Final encore to 'GOOD PUSS'. Everybody’s jumping, the floor is bouncing... pure ecstacy!

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