Photographer Sophia Li captures the intimate in-between moments with Syd B as she performed at Jamz Supernova's 'Bounce' night.

Making her debut UK performance at Jamz Supernova‘s electric ‘Bounce’ night, London finally got a taste of what Syd B can offer.


If you’re new to the songstress then allow us to introduce you – Syd B is the contemporary R&B singer hailing from LA who is already making waves wherever she goes. With female empowerment as the foundation of Syd B’s already powerful body of work, the enchantress knows who she is, and what she wants to achieve. Finding freedom and fluidity throughout her work is key – the raw and personal works Syd crafts offer up an insight into a young woman living in the modern world.


Listening to a Syd B tracks feels like being embraced into a warm hug, with her instantly addictive hooks and funky jams that exude so much soul. It only made sense for Syd B to make her debut UK performance at Jaz Supernova’s night. Photographer Sophia Li got to capture the intimate moments between the performance and afterwards where Syd’s personality and warmth shine through.


With more tracks in the works, we can’t wait for Syd B to come back to this side of the pond. Until then, check out the moments snapped below.