Tokyo based D.A.N have released their latest track "Bend" - a melting-pot of woozy, layered psychedelic charm, experimental Jazz and African tinged rhythms.

The trio are leading the charge of a new generation of fiercely independent Japanese artists and we can’t wait to see what is next.
Band members Daigo, Jinya and Teru were initially introduced to Western rock music via the soundtrack to the football movie “Goal”. Whilst football remains a common thread, the childhood friends have gathered their musical influences from far and wide: everything from their local hero Haruomi Hosono to Pharoah Sanders to the heavy bass sounds of Hessle Audio.
Refusing to conform to the conservative music industry of Japan, D.A.N. look to a more spiritual guidance for their music “the concept of wabi-sabi spirit runs through our music, which I think evokes both melancholy and joyful emotions.” says singer and lyricist Daigo. While you’ll need to speak Japanese to understand their lyrics, they hope their music can transcend through language to cross over various genres and cultures.