Soak in the feel-good vibes of JYellowL’s rap and dancehall new offering, “Benteyga”, out now.

A seamless fusion of rap, dancehall, and afro genres, JYellowL’s brand new track, “Benteyga” showcases his diverse skillset and musical prowess. With the artist’s distinctive voice shining through, he weaves a tale of humility, growth, and aspiration, creating a feel-good song that resonates with fans, old and new. The artist shares, “”Benteyga” is an aspirational love song that basically says if you ride with me through these humble beginnings, then you’ll be right beside me in abundance.”


Following two groundbreaking EPs and a string of headline performances, 2020 was when the Dublin rapper shared his highly-anticipated debut album, “JeweLs” with the world. Aged just 23, he’s young in the game, but it’s clear he’s got his head screwed on. He says he first learned from his Jamaican grandmother how to be himself in a world that is trying to force you down a particular path. Today, with a FIFA tune, features on Hulu’s Normal People series, and the triumph of his debut album, it seems that his gran’s advice has done him well. 


The release of “Benteyga” marks JYellowL’s evolution into a new musical stage – one that promises to be as boundary-pushing and genre-blending as his previous releases. And, with his name only on the rise, it’s looking like a promising future for the self-driven artist and entrepreneur.


Listen to "Benteyga" below:


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