JYellowL steps into the new year with an addictive new hip-hop cut “Stepped In” featuring Kamazkaze.

JYellowL is ready to take on the new year with his fresh new single “Stepped In”. Spinning a bouncy, addictive rhythm from the get-go, this infectious new release features rapper Kamikaze and is produced by StevJazz.


An ambitious rapper with a lyrical flow fuelled by political conviction, JYellowL isn’t your average 23-year-old artist and is forever creating to showcase his authentic vision. Making music since 2016, the artist has quickly grown from strength to strength with each release. His brand-new track “Stepped In” mixes a steady flow with nonchalant production, and furthers the artist’s fresh take on the hip-hop scene.


Speaking about his new release, JYellowL says: “I wanted to make a song that would make people feel themselves when they listened to it and make them want to keep listening to tap into that again. I wanted to have that perfect pre-drinks song that would gas you up before going out. If you really deconstruct the lyrics the song is about self-love and confidence. “Stepped in like I just woke up” championing your rawest and most natural state as fly enough to step in the function and turn heads”.

Stream “Stepped In” below:

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