Lose yourself in this mystical rendition of Elliott Smith’s 'Between The Bars' by the glorious FIERO.

FIERO’s stunning and intimate take of ‘Between The Bars’ is equal parts haunting as it is soothing.


Produced by Joseph Bogan, the glistening track is highlighted by Kelsey Bulkin’s feathery and profound vocals, resulting in a beautifully crafted track that pays homage to one of their musical heroes, Elliott Smith.


Speaking on the track, FIERO revealed, “Between The Bars to me is about the seduction of the past and whatever used to work to cope with pain that doesn’t work anymore. Elliott’s version is soft and intimate.  When Joseph had this idea to cover it with a more electric and wide production I imagined singing from above looking down on someone in need of protection and love.”


Dive into the stunning track below!