Immerse yourself in the 80s-tinged soundscape of Tim Kamrad and his latest single 'Blame It On The Lights'.

German bass hero, Tim Kamrad, is climbing to new heights with his woozy and pulsating brand of revamped 80s-infused tracks.


Sitting at the intersection of upbeat tempo and smooth laidback vocals is Kamrad’s latest offering ‘Blame It On The Lights’. Ultimately, the track is a means of escapism for Tim and for the listener – transcending you to parties whilst the world still spins in lockdown.


Talking about the track, Tim revealed, “On ‘Blame It on the Lights’ we tried to capture the vibe of a summer night in your favourite city.” Enjoying the moment with your friends, fancying the freedom of youth and staying up until the sun comes out again. “To me, this song sounds so much like being outside on a hot summer night with a cold beer that I really can’t wait until we get to do this again.


Dive into the electrifying track and visual below!