Phobophobes are back doing what they do best! Colliding dark psychedelic pop with experimental production has resulted in the creation of their off-kilter new track "Blind Muscle".

Phobophobes, the inventive and eccentric six-piece band, are making their mighty return. In true Phobophobes style, the boys are continuing their legacy of being unapologetically different. Sometimes shocking, sometimes dark, but always brilliant.


The perfect embodiment of Phobophobes lies within the DNA of ‘Blind Muscle’, which is a glam deconstruction about “a blind force, someone who can make a decision and doesn’t necessarily make the right ones, very flippant decisions that affect people’s lives massively” says singer and Guitarist Jamie Taylor.


With Jamie’s alluring vocals that always entice you into the strange universe Phobophobes have concocted, then to be immediately thrown each and every way by the cutting-edge and trippy production is exactly the intention of the group. With their history of creating abstract and sometimes freakish live shows, we can’t wait to catch the boys on their upcoming UK tour kicking off in October – tickets can be purchased here.


Until then, get a taste of what’s to come – but always leave room for a surprise with Phobophobes new track ‘Blind Muscle’ below!