Bedroom pop singer, JEZ_EBEL shares her hypnotic 5 track EP 'Blossom'.

Soundcloud has watered many underground artists and has created an intimate space where musicians of any calibre can truly be comfortable with releasing their music to the world. One artist that has been slowly paving her way from her Soundcloud days to now releasing her first full project is singer and songwriter JEZ_EBEL, who has returned with her new EP ‘Blossom’.


Merging elements of lo-fi, pop, and alternative R&B to create a sound that can only be identified as her own, she uses her music as a medium to explore themes like sexuality, womanhood, vulnerability, and strength.


The five-track EP opens with the lo-fi tinged track “You’ll Get Over It”, then swiftly segues into the bossa nova inspired number, “Caramel Lips”, which is filled with JEZ_EBEL’s sultry layered harmonies as she lulls us into her dream-like world for the remainder of the project.


Championing women is at the heart of JEZ_EBEL’s music and is evident throughout the EP, she says: “This EP is a little summary of stories, feelings and general tendencies in my life. I wanted to write about love, sex and the rejection of love in the pursuit of sanity. Because to me, falling in love means goodbye to any sort of soundness of mind. I wanted to write about real memories based on my own experience of letting go of pride, and sometimes letting go of people. It’s about wanting meaningful relations without the expectation of romantic pursuit. And it could also be about me acting like an asshole. All in all, it’s a playful EP about the tumultuous experience of being a young woman.”


With this being her first official EP release, we are looking forward to seeing what comes next for the rising star.

Stream the 'Blossom' EP below:


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