JEZ_EBEL tells us why originality is dead and which song always gets her hyped in the club.

Like many introverted teenagers grappling with loneliness, JEZ_EBEL turned to the internet for answers. Online, she discovered a creative playground; a freeing space where budding artists and creatives would share their early work. It was here that her alter-ego, JEZ_EBEL was formed.


JEZ_EBEL existed as a form of rebellion against the life in which the artist grew up. Raised in a religious household, JEZ_EBEL carried so much shame around her femininity and queerness. As a result, much of her music centres around sexuality; songs filled with “cheekyness, vulnerability and undeniable strength”.


Ahead of JEZ_EBEL’s forthcoming EP,  ‘the humbling chronicles of jez’, we got to know her better. Read on to find out the three music icons she would invite to a dinner party, why originality is dead, and the song that gets her hyped in the club.

If you could bring three music icons to a dinner party, dead or alive, who would you bring?

It would be Victor Jara, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Arca haha. It would be an interesting conversation I think.

If you could revive one fashion trend, which would it be?

I would bring back full nudity.

One thing you want to change about the music industry?

I would make it as though the industry would understand that without the artist, they are without a job. So less walking around with your hat in your hands as an artist over scraps and leftovers. I would make my own contract with a potential manager for example. Because I am their employer. Duh.

How can an artist stay original nowadays?

Originality is dead. And I think the faster we accept that part of the collective subconscious, the less ego we become. Ofc there are more original thoughts and ideas than others, there are some really great artists out there who are unbashfully themselves. but we all influence each other to some extent. But if I can give a proper tip, I would say go to your roots. Look at what your references are and expand on your special interests. Isolation can be a great tool early on in projects, but it’s important to, later on, let other talented people in so you can expand and realize its potential.

Three things that inspire you outside of music?

Nature, parabola, little things and looking up very often because you never know what you’ll see once you look around.

What are you currently obsessed with?

My current obsessions are the history of Mongolia, video essays about European monarchies, seashells, jungle music, and PlayStation 2 video games.

What has been your biggest pinch-me moment so far?

When I got to hear Erykah Badu play live, it was a religious experience to hear one of my favs play!

Which song always gets you hyped when you hear it in the club?

I would say “Buy You a Drank” by T Pain haha, I’m a sucker for him.

Listen to JEZ_EBEL's new single below:


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