Producer, singer/songwriter, DJ and multi-instrumentalist MAX RAD releases his new single “Blud Sugar”, enchanting with his melancholic lyricism and melodic electronic sound.

Growing up in rural Gloucestershire, MAX RAD started creating music from the age of six. Cut to 2018, Max moved to London and got writing and producing, immersing himself in the City’s rich music scene. Since then, MAX RAD has gained support with his infectious strain of electro-pop – a heady combination of soulful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and warm Electronica.


MAX RAD’s latest single “Blud Sugar” doesn’t disappoint. With its groovy bass, buttery vocals and atmospheric beats, “Blud Sugar” showcases the best MAX RAD has to offer.


Speaking more on the track, the artist shares: ‘“Blud Sugar” is about craving something that you miss, something that you know is bad for you but feeling the need for it all the same. I wrote this in the height of the UK’s Lockdowns, the pine for normality, losing yourself in crowds of people and wanting freedom back was at a fever pitch, everybody missing a former life, a former identity – the partying, the connection with people – it was like craving a drug and not being able get it or something. So this track is like a call for escapism, to return to what used to be, but also knowing that those former lives came with a cost.’

Listen to "Blud Sugar" below:


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