Multifaceted artist MAX RAD brings his heartfelt electronica to highly emotional track, “Samuel”.

MAXRAD, the producer, singer/song-writer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, returns with his latest offering, “Samuel”. Built around a bouncy synth line, Max’s emotive vocals sit atop a thumping kick druck, crisp hi-hats, and snappy clap, making for an eclectic soundscape. 


“’Samuel’ is about friendship and being the support to someone who needs help”, the Bristol-based artist explains. “A wayward friend that pops up in their times of need and then disappears again.” Expertly penned and ever-evocative, Max’s release boasts texture and a new level of energy, without moving away from the reflective sentiment of the lyrics.


Over the years, Max has steadily built his fanbase through his heartfelt electronica, warm instrumentals, and soulful vocals. Forging a path in the UK electronic music scene, the producer continues to release well-received singles time and time again. His debut album, ‘Joy Wonder’ was released back in February, and has already seen consistent play on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing shows, with Gemma Bradley an early champion of the nine-track work. With “Samuel”, MAX RAD continues to champion his independence as a musician, and prove that there’s a promising future ahead of him.

Listen to "Samuel" below:


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