Grooming brand Braun predicts future facial trends on the runway of S.S. Daley's 'The Ninth Wave’ show.

Celebrating themes of masculinity and self-expression, grooming brand Braun this week made its London Fashion Week debut, styling the faces of S.S. Daley’s AW23 runway. Inspiring the modern man to take ownership of their looks, the grooming complimented the fashion designer’s ‘The Ninth Wave’ show, which took place in Outernet London.


Predicting key facial looks for the year ahead, Braun left a lasting impact on an event that often disregards male grooming altogether. S.S. Daley’s show was inspired by his great grandfather’s life at sea and broke down his own Queer experiences.


‘The Ninth Wave’ runway was one of the most narrative-focused at London Fashion Week, and with Braun’s history in the male grooming sphere, the brand helped define the designer’s vision. Afterwards Daley said, “I initially felt apprehensive doing something so different, but Braun and I wanted to create looks that complemented the vision of the collection. I now can’t imagine doing a show without facial grooming. It brings it all together.”


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