Notion meets UK pop's secret weapon, Bryn Christopher, as he discusses his new single “Never Love You Again” with Cheat Codes and Little Big Town.

One of the biggest hitters in UK pop music, Bryn Christopher is both the vocals and songwriting powerhouse behind smash hits such as “Sweet Lovin” with Sigala and “No Therapy” with Felix Jaehn. A prolific collaborator, he’s worked with everyone from Becky Hill, Ella Eyre and 220 KID to Dillon Francis, Louis Tomlinson, Sub Focus, Matoma and more.


Now he’s has teamed up with production trio Cheat Codes and country music band Little Big Town for the new single “Never Love You Again”. For Bryn, working with a country act was a dream come true – something he’d wanted to do for a long time. He tells Notion that it was instant love as soon as Cheat Codes sent their first demo back and the rest is history.


Dive into our chat as Bryn Christopher reveals his creation process, who else he’d love to work with, his dream superpower, and much more.

You’ve teamed up with Cheat Codes and Little Big Town for the new single “Never Love You Again”. How did the collab come about and how did you know they were the right groups for the song?

I had written another song with a great producer called Matt Zara that Cheat Codes had taken and were working on for a couple of months. And then they heard a song that I wrote with Andrew Jackson and Andreas Krueger which was “Never Love You Again”. Which they worked on and got Little Big Town Involved!  As soon as I heard that Little Big Town were into it I was so excited! I love their voices and have always wanted to work with a country act!
What was the process like working with Cheat Codes and Little Big Town? How did they develop the song from your original idea and put their own stamp on it?
Straight away hearing them on one of the first demos they did I just loved it instantly! Sometimes great artists can take something you’ve written for yourself or a similar voice and turn it into their song! Like it was written for them. The final touches Cheat Codes put on the track just made it all come together and sound magical. They also ended up leaving me on the song so it was even more incredible getting to technically sing with Little Big Town.
You’ve also worked with Sigala on the smash single “Sweet Lovin” and Felix Jaehn amongst loads of other big names – who else would you love to create with?
I would love to create something with David Guetta! I wrote with him on Zoom over the lockdown which was quite ridiculous! As it’s very hard when someone is sat there who has had some of the best dance songs of all time! I also would love to write something with Calvin Harris one day!
What is it about collaborating with other artists that you love so much?
I love all different parts, I like to write a song and then to see where the artist takes the video (if it ends up being a single) as it goes from something you’ve both just written in some studio, to having a visual go along with it. One of my favorites was Melanie C’s “Who I Am” that I co-wrote with her. Seeing the video was actually the first time I had heard the fully finished song since the day we wrote it! As it was all top secret till the very last second… so when I watched the video on YouTube I nearly cried! As lyrically it was very personal to her and the video totally made sense to the song.
Let’s rewind and go back to the beginning. How did your musical career begin, and how did you get to where you are today?
I had always been singing since I was little. I did all the usual stuff like GCSE music then came to London to study and audition just trying any way I could to get into the music industry, knowing no one. When I managed to get noticed by some great managers who were really connected that after a couple of demos I got signed to Polydor. And within months was releasing my debut album…
I have just continued to write and create music and have been really lucky to still get inspired to write and sing.
Give us a window into your writing process – how do you write a song?
It’s always different but most of the time I like to get the melody. Usually getting some nice chords and then writing the melody. If I haven’t already got a title in mind I will just mumble stuff and I will occasionally get the lyric from the mumble.
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
I would say shape-shifting as it would be fun to be loads of different animals but knowing my luck I would become a fly to escape an awkward situation and someone swats me!
So I suppose for daily life telekinesis would be the most practical as you could move things with your mind like the remote… and technically you would also have the power of flight as surely you could control yourself or at least a hoverboard.
What’s next for you?
I am in the studio writing a lot. I have a day with MNEK and Billen Ted that I’m excited about! I’ve worked with both separately so looking forward to what we all create together!