TikTok breakthrough artist Caity Baser talks about her viral hit "Friendly Sex", love of Lily Allen, and telling people how she really feels through her songs.

Bursting with personality and a contagious smile, Southampton-born artist Caity Baser is about to have her moment.


The 19-year-old went viral on TikTok earlier this year with the hit single “Friendly Sex”. An instantly catchy, relatable track in which Caity voices her complicated relationship with a FWB (friend with benefits), singing: “I don’t think that we should have friendly sex, anymore/ ‘Cause I’m getting too comfy in your bed”. In the original version – which is sitting at more than 4 million streams on Spotify alone – Caity fears she’s falling for her FWB and needs to cut things off before she falls in too deep. However, since the track’s release, Caity tells us that “the story had changed, more went down” and that her now ex-lover “fucked me over and I was like, ‘ew I wanna throw things'”. It was this furious, fuck-you energy that Caity channelled into “Friendly Sex (Angrier)” – a follow-up version that’s just as catchy but hits even harder.


Although previous comparisons have been drawn to an early Lily Allen, on “Friendly Sex”, Caity Baser brings a fresh sound that is wholly her own, complete with sing-a-long, tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Still riding high from the song’s popularity, which seems to be ever-increasing, Caity has been sharing snippets of new music over on her TikTok. Needless to say, fans are hungry for more.


Fresh from a sold-out headline show at London venue The Grace, Caity has recently been added to the final announcement for the lineup at this year’s Reading & Leeds Festivals, playing the BBC Introducing Stage on 26th and 27th August. This September, she’s due to play more headline shows in London and Manchester.


We sat down with the future star to hear about her rise and sticking two fingers up to haters, body shaming, and boys. Dive in!

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You got signed to a management company the day after going viral on TikTok – did you ever expect that video to be what kickstarted your career?

Yeah that was friggin’ wild! I never expected that to happen [laughs]. The video is literally me in my PJs, no makeup, messy hair – I thought nothing of it to be honest. I posted it and straight away I wanted to delete it because I thought it wasn’t that good. But then it started blowing up so I left it a bit longer – and thank god I did! I am so happy people liked it. I honestly don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since.

What initially prompted you to start posting your music on TikTok?

I think just being bored in lockdown.  Before lockdown, I was really nervous about posting because I was worried about what other people would say. But then when we had all that time to just do nothing it made me realise that people’s opinions shouldn’t make me stop doing what makes me happy. Although after every one I posted, I wanted to delete it straight away haha. But I don’t have that anymore because the love I get on each video is crazy and makes me feel SO GOOD! So I just keep posting now and will never stop. Sorry not sorry!

What inspired you to write “Slut Shaming” and speak so candidly about body shaming?

It’s funny, I was back at home for the weekend and I was sat with my friend in Maccies. She starts telling me about this girl who was calling her all sorts of names because she slept with this boy.  And I was like huhhhhh? Is she okay? Clearly not. So as we are eating our chicken mayos I made the song. It was so jokes because I was just saying the lyrics out loud and we were both loving it because this kinda stuff happens all the time and it needs to stop! Mind your damn business and if it doesn’t affect you I then don’t comment on it!

What was the process of writing “Friendly Sex” like? Did the lyrics come to you easily?

I think “Friendly Sex” is the fastest song I’ve ever made. I was cleaning my room and didn’t want to do it in silence so I put this beat on that I found. Then the chorus came to me almost instantly. I make songs all the time but this one was like woah – I was really excited about it. I was still cleaning my room but when I was making the verses, just getting so mad and letting my words just fall out my mouth, it was great. I love it when that happens, it just feels so natural and makes me realise why I love music so much. I couldn’t say any of that stuff to his face so I put it in a song and I can get away with it by saying ‘it’s just a song it’s not real’. Jokes on him. Loser.
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What do you think made “Friendly Sex” resonate with so many people on TikTok?

TikTok is so weird sometimes, I don’t know what works and what doesn’t – every time it’s different. The song was just true and I really felt those things at the time and I think that sits with people. Clearly a lot of people were feeling that way too, so it’s nice to feel like you’re not the only one and you’re not completely losing your mind. Also people love it when I do a backstory before the song, they also like it when I’m just being myself. I know that sounds cliché and annoying but I swear that’s when I get the best reaction! Whenever I get all made up and do videos that look proper profesh they never do that well. But when it’s me with no makeup on, towel round the head looking like a mess, they love it! Which works for me cos I cba to go all out every time. Also it makes me happy that people like It best when im just being me. Makes my heart feel SO WARM.

You’ve worked with production duo Future Cut who are known for their work with Lily Allen – what was it like working with people who have collaborated with such big artists so early in your career?

Honestly I went home and cried afterwards it was so amazing. And so surreal. The day before I just started my new job at the Co-Op which I was so excited for, and then the next day I was in this big fancy studio with two of the best producers ever. It was nuts. But I wasn’t nervous at all I felt completely comfortable and like I was supposed to be there. The guys are the best as well we just vibed from the get go and messed around all day while making music. It was the best introduction to the industry I could’ve had and will hold onto it forever.

How do you feel being compared to Lily Allen? Do you take inspiration from her music? 

Yeah I love her so much, I always have. She’s just so cool and says whatever the fuck she wants. Also she says ‘rude’ things but makes them sound so sweet and nice which is something that I love doing too. I feel like I take inspiration from everything that I do/see/hear….I love everything. She definitely influenced me to not give a shit about what people say because you can do what you want. Love you Lily, let’s go dance or soemthing!

Which artists would you most like to collaborate with in future and why?

This is so hard! Like I said, I literally love everyone. Ummmmm I feel like Ed Sheehan because he’s just an all-round ledge and that would be crazy! We have similar styles of writing and singing so I think it would work really well. I love Willow Kayne also. Oh, and of course Lily Allen too please. Okay I’m gunna stop ‘cos I’ll be here forever.

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How did you feel when your music was played on the radio for the first time?

I ran around the house for about 40 minutes and sent it to everyone I know. It was CRAZY! Growing up I always used to imagine myself being on the radio so when that moment finally came I would not shut up about it. It was the best ever. To hear the people that I grew up listening to say my name and announce my music?!? Like shut up are you mad? That’s crazy! It was so so so so cool. It’s even happened where my friends have been in their cars and I’ve just come on the radio like how wild is that?!

What made you want to release angrier and friendlier versions of “Friendly Sex”?

I think it’s because I had more to say – the story had changed, more went down. In the original I’m all like, ‘awww we should stop cuz I’m falling for you’, and then he fucked me over and I was like, ‘ew I wanna throw things’. So I made an angry version. And again, it was one of the quickest things I made because I was feeling so much at the time and it felt SO GOOD to let it all out.

Then the friendly version was for all the mums that I bet hate me ‘cos their kids are running around singing about friendly sex…sorry miss, I really am. Also, I love the song so much and it had such a great reaction so why not make more versions for people to love and listen to?

Your first mixtape, ‘Lil CB’, deals with a lot of common feelings associated with the teenage experience. What inspired you to write songs like “Average Student” and “Haters”? 

I was just going through a lot and felt like I was the only one. It was quite lonely. And I suck at talking about how I feel so i put it into a song and came to find that loads of people felt the same, which then led to me talking about other topics and stuff that people relate to which made me feel not alone which is really nice.

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Did you always plan for music to become your career? 

I mean I always had a plan but it was more like a dream because you’re kinda taught that music isn’t a real job and it’s so hard to get into blah blah blah. But I never gave up, even though I wanted to at times. But every time I felt like giving up, something would happen and it would feel like the world was saying to me ‘NOPE! Not yet! keep going’ and I did, thank godddd. But now that it is coming true that ‘plan’ I made when I was about 11 is now being put into place…don’t you worry.

How do you think TikTok has helped aspiring artists?

TikTok is such a sick platform man. I love it ‘cos it gives everyone a chance to go viral or whatever. Like when I first went viral, I only had about 300 followers, it was crazy. Then I woke up to over 10,000. Everyone can be who they want to be and make whatever they want for everyone to see which I think is really really sick. So just post the friggin’ video, alright!

Are there any topics you want to explore in your music in future?

I feel like I always write about what I’m feeling at that exact moment. I feel like everything I’ve wanted to write about I already have. It might not be released yet but I’ve made it, you get me? I’m gonna keep growing and experiencing and with that will come new topics to write about.

What else can we expect from you this year?

Hmmm, well that’s top secret. I guess you can expect LOTS of shows – I just announced by biggest ever shows – in London and Manchester in September. So that will be FUN! Also LOTS of new music and LOADS of fun new videos and ideas too. I can’t wait for what’s next I hope you’re as gassed as I am!

Listen to "Friendly Sex" below:

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