Electro-soul artist Two Feet has dropped a new double single, "Caviar" and "Amy".

Bill Dess has always wanted to use his musical project Two Feet as a way to break through the constraints of decades of musical rules. He’s taken an experimental approach that eschews fundamental tenets of traditional pop songwriting – sometimes leaving out bridges and hooks entirely – in favour of something more freeform and personal.


For instance, on his last album ‘Max Maco is Dead Right?’, Dess left behind his own persona entirely to inhabit the character of Max Maco, a figure who shares many aspects of Dess’ own backstory but allowed him to express ideas and personality traits that were still totally separate from his own.


Now, his new double-single, consisting of the songs “Caviar” and “Amy”, seeks to spin Two Feet in another direction entirely, abandoning Max Maco for a new form of experimentation that lets the listener into Dess’ interiority with impressive vulnerability. Especially as a follow-up to his past work, it’s an excellent demonstration of how Dess plays with the expectation that the listener will get to know the artist with further listens.


It presages a more fluid and unusual approach to this new era of Two Feet, Dess foregoing rigid structuring for something that spills out of the boundaries usually laid down for music.

Listen below:


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