Rising Canadian artist Alexander Vincent releases new track "Ceiling In The Sky", combining electronic experimentalism with string scores.

For Alexander Vincent, it’s the string scores that really hit the sweet spot. Rising to fame with the band Magic!, who topped the Billboard hot 100 chart for their single “Rude”, the artist has since navigated his career solo, reaping the benefits of pure artistic freedom. As a result, the Canadian singer-songwriter has worked hard to compose his own sound, finding an accute intersection between electronic music and orchestral arrangements. Nowhere is this more audible than on his latest single, “Ceiling In The Sky”. 


Gaining notoriety globally and in his home country, Alexander has written for equally groundbreaking artists like Mahalia and Son Lux. Working with a range of voices has broadened his own horizons, and for the past two years, he’s quietly been working on a full-length album. 


“Ceiling In The Sky” expands on the electronic experimentalism of previous releases, offering fans a cathartic and compelling listen. The dulcet string scores and emotionally transmitted storytelling permeate a woozy vibe across the four minutes, before climaxing into a frantic arrangement of fuzzy guitars, screeching violins and crashing drums.  

Listen to “Ceiling In The Sky” below:

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