Dwara and Alexander Vincent have dropped an exciting new collab, "Serpent".

The collaboration of Dwara and Alexander Vincent is a proper meeting of the musical minds.


Born in Finland, Dwara would use her multicultural childhood as the foundation of her music, drawing on her experiences travelling around the foothills of the Himalayas. She cites existential yearning and experimental production as the core of her music, which really took off with a debut EP, self-released, which dropped in late 2020.


Alexander Vincent was born in Toronto, and found his way into the industry through drumming, touring alongside Justin Nozuka for years before forming his own band in Los Angeles, Magic! Vincent would attain huge success with Magic!, writing songs like Billboard-topping “Rude” and performing at the American Music and Billboard Awards. He departed the band to pursue music producing, and he’s worked with artists like Sabrina Claudio and Grandson, while releasing music under his own name.


Now, these two dynamic artists have teamed up for a collaborative release, “Serpent”, which uses Dwara’s haunting vocals and Vincent’s layered production for a dark tune laden with Biblical imagery and hypnotic instrumentals. It’s a chance to see their two sensibilities properly mixed together, culminating in a huge burst of sound at the track’s very end.

Listen below:

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