We invited our Creators of Tomorrow 2023, chosen in collaboration with Instagram, for an intimate dinner to break bread and share their content-creating experiences.

Linking us up with like-minded people, Instagram has allowed us to connect on a deeper level with the creators we revere and cherish the wider community that they represent. For our Creators of Tomorrow 2023 list, in partnership with Instagram, we’ve selected 11 individuals shifting cultural discourse and making relatable content in the process.  


Last week, we introduced you to Aly, Asher, Claire, Eliza, Humz, Jade, Klaudia, Max, Maymah, Myla and Ro. Some of the most exciting names within the space, each content creator has carved out a niche that resonates with people as passionate as them.  


From fashion and beauty to fitness and mental health, the emerging talent have built a thriving online following while championing inclusivity – whether that’s through mind-opening Reels, inspirational Threads or evocative Carousels.  


Sharing plates, natural wines and their creative journeys with each other, we hosted a dinner event for the Creators of Tomorrow 2023, in partnership with Instagram, at La Cave in the Hoxton Hotel Holborn. Lewis Fitzgerald was on hand to provide his soulful croons for the evening’s entertainment, serenading our guests with a stripped-back acoustic performance. 


Tap into what went down in the photo gallery below.  

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