Creators of Tomorrow is a collaborative list by Notion and Instagram, spotlighting 11 emerging creators fostering creativity and connection.

Instagram and creativity go hand-in-hand. It’s a place for finding inspiration, from fashion to makeup to fitness routines. It’s place for unearthing new perspectives – for discovering the voices sharing experiences we relate to or can learn from, voices driving conversation, and voices shaping cultural change. It’s a place for self-expression, a small corner of the internet dedicated to who we are, where we’ve been and who we’d like to be. Whether we lean more towards highly-produced Reels, eye-opening Threads or off the cuff chatty Stories, the ability to curate what we consume, be introduced to new ideas and embed ourselves in communities online remains a constant.


Driving all of these things are the creators who make Instagram what it is. These are the individuals fostering connection, providing everything from creative inspiration for how we put ourselves together in the morning to relatable content about what keeps us up at night.


With Creators of Tomorrow 2023, Notion and Instagram are celebrating 11 of these individuals sharing their own brand of creativity, bringing like-minded people together and shifting cultural discourse in the process. Meet our next gen: Aly, Asher, Claire, Eliza, Humz, Jade, Klaudia, Max, Maymah, Myla and Ro.

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