• Words
  • Director Olivia Rose
  • Director of Photography Jaime Ackroyd
  • Executive Producer Annie Ayres
  • Producer Natalie Steiner
  • Co-Producer India Harris
  • Set Design Ciaran Beale
  • Art Direction Courtney MC
  • Makeup Jimmy Owen Jones
  • Styling Nick Royal
  • Production Company Untold Studios

Earlier this month, Octavian and Courtney MC launched their clothing brand Rocko and Riot with a pop up in East London and we can't get enough.

Octavian, a London-based rapper and cover star of Notion issue 81 and visual artist Courtney MC have joined creative heads resulting in the birth of Rocko and Riot. The brand featured items with Courtney’s prolific psychedelic paintings, ranging from t-shirts to denim co-ords and our personal favourite, the Rocko & Riot Silk Scarf. The morning after the pop up saw the release of the clothing line online, which unsurprisingly sold out in a matter of hours. 


Don’t get it twisted, Rocko and Riot is not just a brand though. Rather, it’s actually a creative collaboration between the pair and more importantly, an expression of their alter egos with Rocko being Octavian and Riot being Courtney MC. Their alter egos can be seen in their fashion film, shot by Olivia Rose (who has directed music videos for the likes of Skepta and Jorja Smith).


Olivia describes the Rocko and Riot film as a way of “tapping into some anti-establishment mindset” with Octavian and Courtney representing “new generation energy; visceral rage that’s woven tightly together with an extreme sense of freedom”. This sense of freedom comes across with an attack of bold energy in the film, which Untold Studios produced, visualising the true spirit and tone of Rocko and Riot. 


Rocko and Riot are a concept, not just a brand, which makes them even more exciting. It’s a breath of fresh air to see the creative process as well as a creative outcome. Dig your teeth into the cinematic and otherworldly fashion film below and prepare to see a lot more Rocko and Riot. We all need an alter ego in our lives sometimes.