London-based artist, Born Inbetween Colours (BIBC), continues his winning streak of crafting enticing hip-hop fuelled tracks with the release of 'Circles'.

BIBC, a Stockholm native, is creating a signature sound for himself by infusing traditionally hip-hop focused music with soft and dreamy mellow hooks. ‘Circles’, the latest release by BIBC, reinforces his staple sound with a unique flavour.


Not only is the sound of BIBC a marker of his taste, but the visual world BIBC has created to go alongside his tracks are quite a show too. The new visual of the latest track celebrates the highs and lows of life with hope being the underlying thread. BIBC’s motivation to portray the beauty that can be found in life’s distresses is equal parts humbling as it is inspiring.  The music video uses the idea of a beautiful struggle and as well as how creative the London-based artist is.


Speaking on the latest track, BIBC revealed “The project “It’s a beautiful struggle”, represents the current situation in our lives. It represents the beautiful stories, and the less beautiful ones, the good times and the bad.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Find yourself running around in circles for BIBC below.