Immerse yourself in the dark pop soundscape of Notifi and his latest track 'Close To You'.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Notifi presents his dark new track ‘Close To You’ which is equally haunting as it is romantic.


Notifi is a multi-hyphenate creative, to say the least, wearing multiple creative hats such as rapper, producer, engineer, mixer, and singer – it’s all hands on deck when it comes to creating his dark ominous beats. Through his honest and raw lyricism, Notifi paints the sounds of Toronto’s charms to his listeners.


Presenting a unique listening experience with ‘Close To You’, Notifi narrates the unnerving landscape of coming into contact with new experiences. It’s a self-discovery of “finding a balance between what I want and what’s best for the other person, and myself” this new feeling of anxiety, fear, and lust is vividly drawn out in this track.


Dive into the stunning and seminal track below.