Canadian songstress MADDEE takes us to the sky with her soulfully dreamy new track "Clouds".

Coming from the upcoming debut six-track EP, “Red Mind”, which is due for release this Autumn, the new single finds the 20-year-old artist expanding on her previous sound to incorporate a melting pot of jazz-infused R&B and melodic electronica. 


MADDEE’s forthcoming release tackles the impacts and tribulations of a negative relationship – something that is universally relatable. Wavering between all the intense emotions from love, heartache and naivety. Speaking about “Clouds”, which features the co-production of Gray Rowan and flows along to the groove of off-kilter percussion and stuttering organs, MADDEE says: “This song was written about getting over an unhealthy relationship. It’s about coming back to myself and my strength.”


So, until the release of “Red Mind” we will have to have “Clouds” on loop. Check out the exclusive premiere below!