Connie Constance is stepping into her power, telling us about her sassy fans, shifting her energy and featuring on our 'Co-Signed by Clara Amfo' list for 2023.



With her second album Miss Power, this year Connie Constance gave us her own vision on her own terms. Having left the clutches of a big label deal just before the pandemic, it represents finding her own power — in expression, independence and creative freedom.


On the record, Connie (born Constance Power) shows her versatility as an artist, weaving between genres with something to turn to whatever you’re looking to experience. As she says: “Blast it on headphones on the tube, play it out loud on your own in a forest, scream it in the shower and sip it with some wine through winter.”


Tying the project together is Connie’s searing honesty — sometimes frank and loudly unapologetic, other times intimate and emotional. “Every word was true at the time and some mean more now.”


Going into 2023, she’s carrying that commitment forward — to herself, her music and to us, promising that wherever it takes her, she’ll tell her truth. And we can’t wait to hear it.

Why do you back yourself for 2023? 

I back myself as always because if I don’t back myself, who else is going to back me? 

What has been your biggest artistic hurdle in your journey so far? 

I’ve been quite a few transitions in terms of how I release my music. So, I think over the last three years, finding my own power and my own ambitions with my music has really shifted my energy and what I want to talk about musically. 

What has been your biggest triumph in your journey so far? 

I played the O2 this year, which is definitely the biggest moment I’ve had. I did a track with Swedish House Mafia and I came out for that song, as a little fairy in a big circle. It was the biggest moment of this year for me. 

How would you define ‘making it’?

For me, success has always been being able to tour to different places and have fans over 500 capacity venues. That, for me, is like ‘you’re good, you’ve got a fanbase, this career is actually happening’. I played in Switzerland this year at a festival called Winterthur and there was this beautiful sunset. It felt nice to know I could travel to different countries and people still want to hear my tunes. 

What makes your fanbase unique? 

We’re all very sassy; bad bitches that have a lot to say and aren’t afraid to say it. 

Who would you put on this list if you weren’t on it? 

I’ve been listening to two albums and two people throughout the whole year. They’re Little Simz and Wunderhorse. I would put Little Simz down on every list ever because she’s always inspiring me to progress as a musician and to be empowered as a female boss.  

Listen to Connie on the 'Co-Signed by Clara Amfo' playlist below:

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