Flaunting fiery wordplay, drill tension and pop appeal all at once, Ivorian Doll infuses attitude into every single one of her tracks.

The German-born and London-based rapper put her education on hold to pursue her music career. Inspired by Nicki Minaj, Ivorian Doll is creating her own dollhouse. Started off by building her audience through YouTube and Instagram, the cheeky and unfiltered influencer is honing a sharp signature sound rooted in raw rapping. From favourite tracks including “Spare Me” and “Rumours” to featuring on Headie One’s banger “F U Pay Me”, the young artist is brimming with confidence and she’s letting her ambitions be known.


“I want to be the female artist the boys are afraid of because I’m better than they are. I’m an independent, funny, and bossy girl who’s up for anything. I’m also a pretty princess fairy who’s in her own world. My heritage traces back to the Ivory Coast. I’ve got doll looks and personality. That’s Ivorian Doll”.


Embracing her independence from a young age, Ivorian Doll’s confidence and attitude comes through loud and clear in everything that she does.


Notion 88’s guest editor and Radio 1Xtra host, Tiffany Calver, picks Ivorian Doll as one to watch for next year. Get to know the wave-maker below.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

When I wake up I check my phone. Also I say a little prayer then call my manager to see if she’s okay.

Tell us your first musical memory…

My first music memory is listening to “Keys Under Palm Trees” by Nicki Minaj when I was in Germany.

A song that sums up your life so far?

“Moment For Life” by Nicki [Minaj].

If you were Prime Minister for the day – what would you do?

If I was prime minister I’d make sanitary products free.

What’s your biggest learn from 2020?

To have tunnel vision and focus on your goals! You have to take a loss to win.

You’re stranded on a remote island – you can only have five items. What are they?

I would take my phone, tampons, cream, water and 1 wig just in case.

Describe yourself using one of your own lyrics…

“You see me shine / I’m on my grind!”

How did your parents react when you started making music?

My parents have always been my number 1 supporters so they are happy they never stopped pushing me.

You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life. What is it?

Nando’s Peri Peri chips and mash.

What has been the defining moment of your life so far?

Biggest moment of my life was the release of “Rumours”.

Which song of yours do you think could have gone #1?

I think “Rumours” could have gone to number 1.

If you could curate the line-up for the next Tiffany Calver & Friends, who would you pick?

The artists I would pick are Stefflon Don, Dutchavelli, M1llionz, Stormzy, Ray BLK.

What is a quote or saying that you would pass on to your fans?

A quote or saying is “Mums” and “PERIODT”.

Stream to Ivorian Doll's music below:

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