South Korean producer RTMKNG drops an explosive pop anthem 'Come Down' featuring Lumin.

Having spent the last few years as a trailblazer name on the South Korean dance music scene, Seoul-based producer and songwriter RTMKNG now looks to bring his explosive direction to the other side of the world with his latest club stomper ‘Come Down’.


Featuring vocals from Lumin, best known for his work in famous Korean idol group M-pire, ‘Come Down’ is the artist’s first exploration into the house music scene and it sounds stellar. This latest track sees RTMKNG focus more on heavier beats and pulsating basslines, giving the release a more underground vibe and the beginning of a new chapter for the producer.


Already making a name for himself in South Korea as an auteur of modern dance music, RTMKNG chooses to produce each of his releases from start to finish. Composition, lyrics, arrangement, mixing, mastering and performances are all provided by the man himself, making for a truly unique and idiosyncratic offering from this master.


Dig into ‘Come Down’ below, you won’t regret it.