Danish rising star, Goss, gears up to step into his own spotlight with the release of his dreamy new track 'Country Boy'.

Let Goss and his vast dreamlike soundscape transcend you in his latest track ‘Country Boy’ which flows and pours within its arrangement and ethereal sonics.


Rather than alt-pop, Goss sits more at the intersection of left-field pop. Garnering quite a momentum behind him and for good reason, Goss is ready to welcome in this new chapter of his life and music.


One of Denmark’s best kept secrets a for a few years now, Goss is ready to cross over into international waters with his idiosyncratic brand of off-kilter pop that is equally futuristic as it is embracing.


With more music and a project just around the corner, dive into the premiere of ‘Country Boy’ by the eclectic Goss below.