A Diner girl’s dream becomes a country music reality.

There’s a new voice in country music, challenging the status quo and bringing a fresh female perspective. This voice belongs to DINER, a singer-songwriter whose roots are as humble as they are unique. Growing up working in her parents’ cafe just outside Portland, Oregon, DINER’s journey from the local diner girl to a rising star in the country music scene inspires anyone with a dream.


DINER’s story is deeply intertwined with the community that raised her. “I used to hide that I was the local diner girl… but I found the beauty in it… I was raised by a community of people that knew me before I could ever see over the counter”, she reflects. This community, along with her mother, Helen—a pioneer in her own right as a member of an all-girl punk rock band that toured with icons like Black Flag—instilled in DINER the desire and motivation to pursue her dreams.


Drawing inspiration from her childhood experiences in the diner, DINER’s music invites listeners into the dreamworlds she created to escape the monotony of daily shifts. “Music has given me the ability to take from my present reality and dream up my favourite scenarios… It becomes real for me, and I hope I can create that same feeling for others when they listen to mine”, she shares. Her ability to weave these dreamscapes into her music sets her apart, making her songs not just tunes but experiences.


Notable career highlights, including performances at prestigious festivals such as the Stagecoach Country Music Festival and Dreamy Draw Music Festival in 2023 mark DINER’. She will also appear at Live In The Vineyard in Napa and the Two Step Inn Festival in April 2024. These milestones underscore her growing influence in the genre and highlight the rise of women’s voices in a traditionally male-dominated space.


However, DINER’s journey has been challenging. From navigating the pitfalls of the music industry to overcoming fraudulent management, her path has been bumpy and painful. “The music journey has been pretty terrible… Especially being a young female in this industry, it’s not the easiest”, DINER recounts. Yet, through determination and a commitment to her vision, she has emerged stronger, ready to inspire others with her story of perseverance.


DINER’s wisdom for others is simple: “never stop dreaming”. Her music offers hope in a world often weighed down by reality, encouraging listeners to find joy and escape through their imaginations. As for the future, DINER envisions a shift toward more introspective and thoughtful music, aspiring to perform in stadiums and connect with fans worldwide on a deeply personal level.


DINER represents the rise of female voices in the industry in the changing landscape of country music. Her journey from the diner to the stage is not just her story but a narrative of empowerment, creativity, and the enduring power of dreaming. As DINER continues to shape her path in country music, she carries with her the spirit of the diner—a place of community, resilience, and the simple joy of sharing stories through song.

Listen to 'Cowgirls Get the Blues' now:


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