California-based DINER delivers soulful, country-inspired melodies on latest single 'Goodbye To Someday'.

In the heart of the vibrant music scene of California’s Portland, a hopeful talent emerges — DINER, a singer, songwriter, and musician. Her latest single, ‘Goodbye To Someday’, enchants with its soulful country-inspired melodies, promising a musical journey that transcends boundaries and captivates the soul.


The track sees a collaboration with multi-platinum producer Kevin Bard, known for his work with artists like Dan + Shay and Parmalee, as well as Emily Reid, who also lends her backing vocals to the track. ‘Goodbye To Someday’ is a hopeful love song – celebrating the oft-lauded, yet rare phenomenon of finding the right person, and it’s a melodious pop offering. Accompanying the single is a captivating visualiser created by Bailey Nolfe (070 Shake, Latto) and Carianne Older (SZA, Kali Uchis), solidifying DINER as a rising pop star to watch.


DINER explained the origin of the song title, saying: “I was born in Chicago, and my Dad was raised there. All he ever wanted was for the Cubs to win the World Series someday before he died – they were in a 100-year losing streak. When they won the World Series in 2016, my dad cried harder than I’ve ever seen him cry. […] The day after, there was a commercial of a little kid playing baseball in Franklin Park, and it said, ‘Say Goodbye to Someday,’ and my dad cried every time he saw that commercial. I’ve had that saying stuck in my head forever and couldn’t decide whether it should be a love song or a winning victory song, but it easily became a love song.”


Regarding the origins of the track, DINER adds: “It was my first day working with Kevin and Emily, and I just threw the topic out there. We wrote the whole thing in about an hour, recorded it right after, and walked out with a demo in about five hours.”


Watch the video for 'Goodbye To Someday':


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