After a four-year hiatus, the makers of dystopian phenomenon Black Mirror have taken to social media to announce its sixth season.

Through a teaser trailer, which reveals a superstar cast, fans have been shown glimpses into the potential themes of a new Black Mirror season, centred around technology and space. And if that wasn’t enough to satisfy people’s intrigue, a slowed-down cover of “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire”, by The Ink Spots, plays eerily in the background. 


The cast will include Ben Barnes, Rob Delaney, Aaron Paul, Salma Hayek, Michael Cera and Zazie Beetz, some of whom are shown in the intentionally-vague trailer. 


The show’s creator, Charlie Brooker, announced its hiatus because of the pandemic’s real-life horrors, feeling that audiences needed a break from such pessimism. 

During this period, he produced the Netflix originals, Death to 2021 and Death to 2020, which provided a satirical recap of the year’s news with a stellar cast, including Hugh Grant and Samuel L. Jackson. 


Charlie spoke to Netflix fan site Tudum about the new season, saying: “The stories are all still tonally Black Mirror through-and-through but with some crazy swings and more variety than ever before.” While viewers are used to cinematic episodes with self-contained plotlines, the director claims that this season will challenge audience expectations and develop a new style for the show. 

The program first aired in 2011 on Channel 4, launching the careers of British stars like Daniel Kaluuya. Since its debut, Black Mirror has maintained its status as one of Britain’s most unique shows, winning 6 Primetime Emmys. 


Although Netflix hasn’t given an exact date for its release, season six is due to air sometime in June. 

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