'Black Mirror' creator Charlie Brooker has shared a new teaser trailer for the cult show's upcoming Netflix special.

Whilst many of us have been saying this year has been a bit like living in an episode of Black Mirror, what better way to round out these crazy last few months than with a 2020 special?


It seems to all be coming full circle, with Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, taking to Twitter to share a teaser for a Netflix programme. The special seems to be titled “Death To 2020”, with the short video stating, “Even the creators of Black Mirror couldn’t make this year up, but they do have something to add”.


It isn’t clear as to whether the special will be part of the Black Mirror series or whether it will be a Black Mirror/Screenwipe crossover-type show. Brooker has stated previously in the year that it may be too bleak a period in time for any more Black Mirror, so there are rumours that the special may be presented as something more light-hearted. This may also be supported by Hugh Grant, who has revealed that he has been working with Brooker on a mockumentary about 2020, in which he plays a historian looking back on the year.


As Black Mirror tends to show dark dystopias where technology has shockingly distorted near future life, there may not be much appetite for this particular portrayal with the new special. I’m sure we’re all hoping for something that is quite literal towards the potential new title, “Death To 2020”.

Watch the new teaser trailer below:

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