Immerse yourself in marcos g's 'Dancefloor' - a shimmering and addictive new pop anthem.

Taken from the EP titled the same, ‘Dancefloor’ is a catchy and melodic pop banger handcrafted by marcos g.


Wrapped entirely in pop’s traditional clean hooks, marcos g diverts his own style into the DNA of the track with his laidback and personable approach to his own brand of pop.


With an inspiring story to say the least, in the beginning, marcos g kept his talent as a secret and was generally just a hobby to him. Spending his days teaching underperforming kids as his fulltime job, it wasn’t until his peers heard his music that they encouraged him to take this all the way. And we are glad they did.


Speaking on ‘Dancefloor’, marcos g revealed, “Dancefloor is about finding comfort in being alone and still being able to have a good time. I wrote this song the first weekend I went to New York and it was my first time working with producers in the room, so this song also holds a special meaning for me because it represented my first attempt at trying to be a professional artist.”


Until the next tune from marcos g, dive into his latest glistening track below!