Fresh off a rebrand, London-based songwriter Levina releases the highly anticipated single “Danger”.

German singer-songwriter Levina rose to fame after representing her home country in Eurovision 2017. Returning after a highly anticipated rebrand, the now London-based singer’s new single, “Danger” makes a statement about the unhealthier of society’s habits, whilst calling listeners to “not ignore what’s happening to humanity and our planet, but to connect and support each other.”


Levina nurtured a love of music from a young age, and she cites a diverse roster of early influences: from Anastacia and Avril Lavigne to Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald and Skunk Anansie. Her new sound is anthemic and pop-heavy, maintaining her own musical identity whilst keeping these diverse influences in mind.


Speaking about “Danger”, Levina describes how she “wrote ‘Danger’ about the strange time and society we live in, where people – a lot of them in high places – don’t seem to care about what’s going on in the world, unless it affects them directly.” She continues to discuss some of the issues addressed in the track: “Although social media can be a great tool to raise awareness, sadly it sometimes seems like it’s easier to share a post or story and then forget about it, than to actually do something about the problems we are facing. Climate change, inequality on so many levels, wars, overturning Roe v. Wade are just a few of them.” Overall, the track is a “call for action”.

Stream "Danger" by Levina below:


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