Levina’s latest track, “Trip To Mars”, wants us all to escape the pressures of everyday life, listen now.

Levina is the London-based singer-songwriter championing a distinctive blend of alt-pop. Offering listeners an uplifting escape from the pressures of everyday life, she acknowledges the tribulations that come with modern society but reassures us that there’s a lot to be optimistic about. “Trip To Mars” is her latest track, following this line of narrative with infectious energy. 


In 2020, Levina sonically rebranded and released her EP ‘Thinking In The Dark’, which received praise from tastemakers here in the UK. Personifying a wide range of influences, many of the artist’s musical cues come from the likes of Amy Winehouse and Billie Eilish: powerful female pop stars who share her deep passion for songwriting.  


 “Trip To Mars” is Levina’s latest therapeutic cut: a testament to her undeniable artistry, the track seeks to re-energise at a time when we’re all looking to break from conventionality. On the song, she says: “I wanted it to have a positive feeling, so that people know it’s all right to feel overwhelmed sometimes”, and thanks to its upbeat riffs and catchy melodies, we can all take refuge in the whimsical wordplay Levina offers.  

Stream "Trip To Mars" below:


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