To celebrate her latest Americana-pop track, "Halloween Costume", Sarah Klang brought us along for a festival day in the life.

Penning songs is how Sarah Klang has always approached overcoming changes – like relocating to the country and dealing with a school rife with bullying as a young girl. The experience took its toll on Klang, her life, for a brief period, wrapped up in teenage bullying and mental health issues. Becoming an expectant mother took her back to that time, as she began to recall in vivid detail the suffering she faced. “Halloween Costume” marks this surge of memories, an Americana-pop song with warmth in its sound and depth in lyrics. 


“I had trauma and PTSD from my teenage years – something I didn’t realise for many years,” Klang shares. She continues, “At the time of it happening when I was young, music was what I used to cope. I would lose myself in songwriting and compositions, listening to dance, Americana and great nineties beats.” She adds, “I guess it’s about defiance in a way too. About overcoming something as monumental as this. I started to feel a kindness towards myself that I hadn’t felt before, after years of blaming myself for what happened. I started to feel compassion towards my younger self. A lot of peace came as a result.”


Today, Sarah Klang has just announced her new album, ‘Mercedes’, which is to be released October 20th via Nettwerk, as well as a tour that kicks off in Brighton. There are a handful of dates in the UK, including London and Manchester, across Europe, and in her native Sweden. Ahead of the tour, Sarah brought us along for a child-free festival day in the life. 

Okay, here we go! Join me on my CHILD-FREE festival Friday! Starting the day by walking my little fruitbat dog Nils. Next, my mighty hometown of Gothenburg!
Left my second little child with grandma and grandpa, put on makeup, looks like a real person wow! Now out on the toooown.
The first stop is lunch with my two successful sexy friends Samantha and Carrie.
Lunch eaten! Now I have picked up my drunken boyfriend and we are going to the Way Out West festival. Here he is peeing in a public place. Criminal. Report.
Okay my boyfriend is making me watch Pusha T. It was very loud for my aunt ears. Help.
After a gig, there's only one thing to do - party! Here's my new idol CatGold. I drank all these beers myself.
Okay, these are the kind of pictures you take when you have drunk all the beers yourself.
You can't party on an empty stomach. To the Golden Prague to eat schnitzel and drink more beer. Like a true rock star.
It's 00.30 and time to check out this sexy boy band - Deportees. Highly recommended if you want something to cry to.
Last song and I run up to sing our tearjerker ballad. After that, it's PARTY BAN on all parents. Home to bed and sleep! Bye bye.

Listen to "Halloween Costume" below:

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