Get to know Swedish musician, Sarah Klang, in our original Notion 88 interview.

*Originally published in Notion 88*


With her highly anticipated third album VIRGO about to be released, we are lucky to be alive during the same era as the sparkling queen of soothing Americana, country-influenced pop.


While the frosty and darker times are approaching, Sarah Klang’s velvet smooth yet powerful voice is the perfect companion during the heartbreak of summer being over. 

Hello Sarah – how are you today?

Hejhej! I’m actually really good! Just stopped eating those birth control pills (been eating them since I was 17) and wow- my anxiety level has CALMED DOWN. Don’t feel crazy anymore.

Where are you right now?

At home, in our little apartment in Gothenburg Sweden.

What have you been up to the past few months?

Since all the live shows were canceled, we focused on my third album VIRGO. Also just been hanging out with my evil chihuahua.

What is the newest thing you’ve discovered about yourself?

That birth control pills makes me go fakn crazy/depressed/angry/paranoid. Can’t believe I’ve been eating them for so many years. Feeling like shit.

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How did you figure out your sound?

I basically just want to make music that sounds like the artist I listen to. Without steeling too much haha. Then of course my producer Kevin Andersson brings a lot of good ideas to the table.

Tell us about your aesthetic! 

I like to dress up, but also just be really comfy. I guess my style is just all over the place, but in three words- trashy, romantic, sExY.

Describe your writing process?

I try to make myself sit down for two hours and then just write as much as I can every day. Then I met up with my guitarist Theo Stocks or Kevin Anderson and we just…..jam AWAY haha

How do you find new music?

I’m the WORST of updating my playlists. It’s mostly through friends or my band.

  • Trenchcoat ARTIST'S OWN

What’s the creative inspiration behind your latest project?

Being my authentic self. 80s and 90s sexy rock, femininity.

What are you most proud of now?

Going through 2020 without getting too stressed/sad. I’m proud of listening to my inner voice.

What do you do when you’re not working on your music?

Hanging out with my boyfriend, friends, my dog. Taking long boring walks in the forest, cooking. Just being the old lady I am.

5 Quick Questions:

First tune I put on when I wake up: “stubborn signs” by shitkid

My favorite word: Pudding

My go-to snack: Don’t know what it’s called in English. In Sweden we say DAMMSUGARE

I can’t live without: My friends

Artist I would like to collab with: Phoebe Bridgers, Kurt Vile or Brittany Howard

Listen to Sarah Klang's latest single below:

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