Having just released her whimsical EP, "Star Potential", Sody takes us on a day in her life, exploring the streets of Stockholm and meeting up with Låpsley.

I have started every day with a coffee from an independent cafe called Slow Hands, which is close to where I am staying. It's got such a nice vibe to it with plants and vinyls everywhere.
I took a little spontaneous trip to Stockholm for just over a week. It's one of my favourite places in the world!
I had the meeting at Universal Publishing Sweden to play them some of the music I have been creating out here. I signed to Universal when I was 16 so it's nice to meet the extended team. I love working with a lot of songwriters signed out here. The Swedes are the best!
I was also greeted with Fika which was yummy!
Then I made my way to the studio to work with two of my favourite writer-producers Wilhelm and Osrin.
This was the view on the way!
Me in the studio writing songs about you <3.
When we finished writing the song, we recorded it and then I headed to a rooftop bar to meet my lovely friend Låpsley, who I adore. Here song "Speaking of the End" is one of my favourites ever.
Here we are drinking beer in the sun. The weather this week has been incredible.
Finally, I went back to my apartment and finished the day by cooking pasta which is something I love to do. It was a busy but a fun day! I can't wait to come back to my home away from home soon.

Stream Sody's new EP, 'Star Potential':


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