Songwriter and producer Låpsley picks 10Trax to encapsulate 'The Space In Between’ - choosing songs inspired by her journeys across London.

In Låpsley’s own words: “These tracks were inspired by the journeys I’ve made on London transport and moving through the city. The cross section between nature and infrastructure, humans and machines. Travelling between the two, a fluid third realm”.


“It’s not about where we’ve come from, or where we’re going, but observing this strange purgatory of the present within an urban landscape as a state of constant transition and movement”.

“Jamilla” by Mansur Brown

“The cascading glittery synths sound like rain, for me this is a soundscape of the city. Digital nature. Watching the rain run down the glass-covered skyscrapers”.

“in god’s childlike hands” by Lauren Auder

“People watching in rush hour. The gentleness of the macro, bodies moving fluidly in-between each other. The chaos of the micro, each rushed individual fishing for saved time. The sirens overhead. I feel like Lauren paints an anthropological picture of humans within the city, and everyone is held and contained within the song”.

“Thirty Two” by Bullion

“I feel like I’m in an indie film running through the streets at golden hour. Bullion is one of my favourite producers, it’s his own work that I’m drawn to the most. This song is a slice of that youthful freedom: nowhere to be, running for the fun of it, through the tall grasses of Hackney marshes”.

“First Rain” by Duval Timothy

“Working with friends and family in Sierra Leone, Duval builds a soundscape of children’s voices, hard rain on a rooftop and hypnotic piano that all seem to weave together in a balance that resonates with me. A feeling of locality”.

“Movements (Chapter III)” by Leon Vynehall

“The warmth from the saxophone's in this track takes me to a memory of walking through the parks on a hot summer's day, groups of families and friends with bbqs and bunting strung between London planes. Plumes rising. Food charring. Connection”.

“as long as ropes unravel fake rolex will travel” by Dean Blunt

“The cyclical quality of this track is synonymous to me with the twisting and winding of bus routes in stationless areas of this city. At some points the bus pops out at unexpected green spaces you would have never known about”.

“Send Me” by Tirzah

“The slow kick hits at a speed that matches my drunk emotional walk home from a night out. I’m in my head and I’m taking my time. Thoughts slowly weave between people as my feet weave through the badly parked cars and bikes on my road”.

“Roll with the Punches” by Peverelist

“This is my running track. Cobbled streets open up to wide four lane traffic. It’s got pace (unlike my running speed). I find intense focus with this track and can get lost in the rolling 808s”.

“Love On A Real Train” by Tangerine Dream

“I’m a huge fan of trains, it’s my favourite mode of transport. For me, this is the ultimate train song and sums up the feeling of constant motion and anticipation. It sounds like a train running on a track. It’s cyclical but constantly moving forward and building”.

“Always Returning - Remastered 2005” by Brian Eno

“From his 1983 album ‘Apollo’, the king of ambience provides the ultimate soundtrack to the peace I often find in moments of travel. An empty carriage, or the sun set casting out golden light between buildings you pass on the overground. It carries the calming feeling of returning home but also the quiet joy anticipating a day ahead”.

Get tickets to see Låpsley live at her headline UK tour here, and pre-order her upcoming album ‘Cautionary Tales Of Youth’ here.


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