A tribute to International Women's Day, Northern trio Polo tell a tale of femme experiences in a patriarchal world.

In celebration of International Women’s day, Leeds songwriting trio Polo have widened their musical horizons this year, yearning to gain a deeper personal connection with their listeners. Through experimenting with versatile sounds, combinations and linking them with their own personal experiences, the dynamic trio have been able to horn their sound around a unique method of forward-thinking production. This urgently unique sense of purpose and personal empowerment Polo have discovered is confidently present in their latest single Death Of Me due to release on the 8th March via Tipping Point.

This undeviating, groovy and vibrant track is one that cannot be ignored. With a wholesome message, the song is centred around female empowerment and tells a tale of lead singer Kat’s experiences as a homosexual female in a patriarchal world. The warm, propulsive energy throughout this musically narrative track illustrates that this experience is one that needs to be voiced, as the awareness of the situation, regardless of the common frequency is still kept silent. Carefully layering an afrobeat percussive with bouncing drum patterns over direct vocals, to create a vivid atmosphere is exactly what Polo were hoping for. Differing from their previous track Louder Than Words, the band are expressively revealing their musical versatility and ability to address personal matters in an effective method. A beautiful tribute to International Women’s Day, this track is sure to uplift souls and tell a silent tale the world needs to hear.


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