Leeds-based trio Polo return with a stark and haunting new track 'Witch Hunt' - a plea to address the climate crisis.

Following on from their devilish dark electro-pop number ‘Hula’, Polo are continuing their streak of crafting some of the best hypnotic sounds with the release of their ominous new number ‘Witch Hunt’.


You can’t help but envision a world painted by the jagged and eerie soundscape intentionally crafted by Polo. Each enticing beat, haunting melody and endearing synth is more addictive than the last as they wash over you. That’s precisely the reasoning of their latest track ‘Witch Hunt’. In reality, it’s a desperate plea to continue and heighten the fight for the global climate crisis we are all enduring.


Co-produced by Gethin Pearson, ‘Witch Hunt’ is a bold and timely track that is needed more than ever. Reflecting the times we are facing, Luke Lount of Polo revealed, “The Early Modern Witch Hunts were associated with moral panic and mass hysteria. When the going got tough, witches made for a convenient scapegoat, and thousands of women were murdered as a result,” continues Luke Lount. “‘Witch Hunt’ flips the narrative. If we don’t collectively address climate change, there will be no scapegoats – the Witch will hunt us all and we will all suffer the consequences.”


Dive into the first look of ‘Witch Hunt’ by Polo below.


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