Immerse yourself in the dreamy and iridescent new single 'Delicate' from the multi-hyphenate creative Jonah Yano!

The Japanese-Canadian artist Jonah Yano is a tonic you all need to drink in these crazy times. With a hypnotic and tender voice, timely and romantic lyrics – Jonah Yano is undoubtedly one of the best new acts we have thankfully stumbled upon.


Sitting at the intersection of reality and a dream is Yano’s latest track, ‘Delicate’, which is an appropriately named titled for how soft and embracing his latest single is. With a debut album just around the corner, the 19th of June to be exact, we can’t wait to keep falling in love with Jonah Yano and his drippy and ditty ballads.


Co-produced with Monsune – Jonah says the track “buries itself somewhere in imagination. It’s like having a song stuck in your head. But, instead of a song, it’s a person, or rather the idea you’re starting to form of a person in the future of your lives together. It’s all just daydreaming.” We want to daydream in Yano’s airy soundscape any day of the week.


Dive into the premiere of ‘Delicate’ by Jonah Yano and be prepared to fall in love.