Check out some exclusive shots of American singer-songwriter Denis Coleman as he warmed up the stage for Little Mix at London's O2 Arena.

Denis Coleman has been on a meteoric trajectory since he began releasing music a couple of years ago. Born in the US but now based in London, the young singer-songwriter took to the stage at London’s O2 to support pop-powerhouse group Little Mix on their farewell tour.


Discussing the tour, Coleman says: “The Little Mix tour was an experience in many ways beyond words. The awe I felt for the girls and what they had created was immense, and watching them close this chapter with such an epic finale was truly special. During the tour I learnt so much, not just from the girls but from everyone around me. After a couple shows, the touring party and I quickly became a family and would do everything together, from wild nights out in Dublin to steaming each other’s T-shirts before the show. Looking back, my time on tour feels both long and short, like a lifetime worth of stories captured in one glance out of the van window. I will never forget the 35 days I spent on the road with Little Mix. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to play my part in their show and can’t wait to return to the stage on my own headline tour this August!”


Dive in below!

Tour life can be a blur -
Photographed with Matthew Nolan and Harry Holles of Since September (left to right). Taken on the penultimate night of tour, this is one of the last photos of me with any of the Since September lads.
This is the camera responsible for my face being projected onto all the screens inside the O2 Arena.
I go so deep I get the bends...
I always sing at least one full line of this song directly to a person in the audience. That night it was a girl wearing light up bunny ears in the front row.
Mike and I.
Taking in the sound of the O2.
There was something about playing this show that felt strangely similar to taking off. Maybe it was the nerves and the altitude.
Getting ready to take off my mask, my stage time minutes away.
Mike, pictured here before the show.
In the dressing room. The red foldable chairs seemed to follow us at every turn.
In ears draped across my shoulders - ready for soundcheck.
One single beam of light from the lighting rig glanced across my face at the perfect moment for this picture. I felt like the moon.

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