Fresh off a global breakout single last year, Evenson is back with infectious anthem “DEVIL INSIDE”.

Evenson is an artist who has mastered the art of the earworm pop-banger. The rising artist who experienced virality first-hand with the 2021 single “HOW CAN I SLEEP” , he has laid valuable groundwork for his upcoming debut EP, “Sadly, I Still Love You”. New track “DEVIL INSIDE” is presented alongside a dynamic music video that represents the music’s “juxtaposed euphoria”.


The 23-year-old Connecticut native has honed his craft over the past few years, producing a stream of socially engaged singles with intelligent, poetic lyricism. “HOW CAN I SLEEP” explored racial injustice, in the wake of protests and political action in 2021. His new single is an evolution for the artist, choosing a more personal and introspective topic.


In Evenson’s words, “DEVIL INSIDE” is a track that “encapsulates the feeling of bliss, as well as learning to live with the ‘devil’s’ that affect us every day”. He hopes to resonate with fans: “Whether it’s a bad breakup, depression, or even isolation, the ‘devil’ can represent any form of a demon that the listener is living with. My hope is that the listener can enter a temporary state of bliss while listening and come out on the other side feeling lighter and more optimistic.”


Find Evenson on Vero here.

Stream "DEVIL INSIDE" below:


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